Who We Are.

How did Finance.co.nz come about

If you're investing, saving or spending money, you've come to the right place. We want to help by explaining how things work and get you the deal that best fits your circumstances. Whether you want to find out how a product works, investigate alternatives to a product you have found or to check out who is offering the best deal. You can come to Finance.co.nz and we’ll have the information you need.





How does Finance.co.nz work

The idea is that you come to our site and find out everything you need to know about a product and then can easily link up with the firms offering it in the market place. Whether it be a guide about how a product works and the different types in the market place or just an understanding of who is out there providing the product. We like to think that you can come to Finance.co.nz and get all the information you need. We do not try to provide every single product and provider in the market. We are looking to provide the information you need to make a decision and then a list of companies who offer products you are interested in so that you can decide which is best for you.

How do we make our money

We are proud to offer a completely free service to those who use our site, however we have to make money or else we wouldn’t be able to exist. Finance.co.nz will sometimes receive a referral fee from the organisations on our site when you navigate to their websites and apply for or confirm acceptance of their products. The price you receive is exactly the same as if you went to the provider directly as they are paying us out of their share. We also make money from advertising and featuring some products on our site.