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Welcome to our blog, where you will find invaluable information and insight on how to navigate your way through financial decision making. This area contains practical examples about how financial products are used to best effect.

Are you about to apply for a personal loan? It's important that you understand what your options are.

Traded Endowment Policies are a unique alternative to traditional bank term deposits, offering a range of capital secure, tax free return combinations.

What do lenders look for when approving a loan? How do I get a loan with a bad credit rating and how can I approve my credit rating?

You’ve worked hard, you’ve gotten your loans in order, and your finances are starting to look up. So what’s next? Well, they say you should make hay while the sun shines, so if the sun is shining on your financial life then there’s never been a better time to start saving.

There are many alternatives to using your bank for transferring funds across countries, shopping around can literally save you thousands. 

Do you have a family wishlist? Picking the right provider and the right type of loan is key to getting the best value out of a personal loan.

Welcome to our mortgage guide. This page is put together to give you the straight answers about the different mortgage varieties and providers.

With the quality of cloud accounting packages on the market today there are many reasons why you should be using one to run the accounts for your small or medium sized business.

Feel like you don't want to make a bad decision with your biggest asset, worried about committing yourself to a bad decision and therefore overpaying? Read on ...

It’s three years since I took out a mortgage and due to a raise I now have a bit extra left each week. I could put the money into extra payments on my mortgage but am unsure if that’s the right thing to do. How do I make up my mind?


Peer-to-peer (sometimes called P2P) lending is a fast-growing new way to borrow or invest money using the internet instead of a conventional bank. We explain what’s involved and how P2P is different to your average bank or finance company.

We've done some market research of our own to see how different money transfer providers measure up. 

Picking the right mortgage product can save you thousands of dollars and reduce the time to pay. However, if you go into the wrong product it can be confusing and cause you unnecessary stress.


Should I use a mortgage broker or go direct to a bank? Which one is cheapest and who will give me the best, unbiased advice?

What is LVR and how does it effect your ability to get a home loan?