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Pick the business credit card that gives you the flexibility to manage your cashflow and give you the most rewards.

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Kiwibank Business Mastercard
Purchase Rate (p.a.)


Balance Transfer


Interest Free Days

Up to 55 days

The simple way to pay for business expenses — with one of the most competitive interest rates available to businesses.

    Interest Rate Cash Advance (p.a.)12.50%

    Additional Card Fee/Joint Account-

    Minimum Credit Limit-

    Foreign Currency Purchases1.85% of the NZ dollar value

    Overseas Travel Insurance-

    Payment Type-


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    ANZ Bank
    ANZ Visa Business Card Low Rate
    Purchase Rate (p.a.)


    Balance Transfer

    1.99% p.a. for 24 months

    Interest Free Days

    55 Days

    Make the most of a lower interest rate and you could save money on interest costs

    • Extended Warranty Insurance

    Promotion Details

    $0 annual card fee for the first year on any new ANZ Visa Business card.

    Interest Rate Cash Advance (p.a.)19.95%

    Additional Card Fee/Joint Account$10 p.a.

    Minimum Credit Limit-

    Foreign Currency Purchases-

    Overseas Travel Insurance-

    Payment TypeApple Pay and Google Pay


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    Bank of New Zealand
    BNZ Business First Lite Visa
    Purchase Rate (p.a.)


    Balance Transfer

    0.00% p.a.

    Interest Free Days

    Up to 55 days

    A low interest rate business card that’s great for small businesses.

      Interest Rate Cash Advance (p.a.)-

      Additional Card Fee/Joint Account$5 per moth per card

      Minimum Credit Limit-

      Foreign Currency Purchases2.25% of the NZ dollar value

      Overseas Travel Insurance-

      Payment TypeApple Pay and Google Pay


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      What is a business credit card?

      A business credit card has the same concept as a personal credit card; an unsecured, revolving credit line that allows you to borrow money to make purchases, up to a certain limit, based on your ability to make repayments. The key differences are;.

      • Used for business purchases - allowing you to manage business and personal expenses separately.
      • The company can be liable for the payment of the card rather than the individual.

      Business Credit Cards are an efficient way of managing business expenses and monitoring the business’ cash flow. Similar to personal credit cards, business credit cards are convenient and offer a range of rewards and incentives that appeal to businesses of all sizes.

      How does a business credit card work?

      A business credit card can be issued to both owners and employees and allows you to use money owned by the credit card provider. This use of funds does not incur interest charges if the card is paid off in full each month. The advantage to the business is that they do not need to immediately fund the money required to make the purchases.

      Who is responsible for business credit cards?

      The two most common situations are:

      Personal Liability Credit Cards

      This is where the primary user of the card becomes personally responsible for the management of the card. In other words, the individual is accountable for paying off the balance when required. When applying for a personal liability credit card, banks also may use the financial information and background of the user rather than the business itself.

      Business Liability Credit Cards

      This is where the business becomes solely responsible for the management of the card. Any issues related to the card can be put back on the business and the business is accountable for paying off any balance or debts on the card.

      Despite who is responsible for the payment management on the card; both the users name and company name will be printed on the card.

      What types of business credit cards are there?

      There are a range of business credit cards to suit all businesses of all sizes. Different credit cards have been specifically designed to suit all businesses dependent on their industry and size. The following are the types of business credit cards that are available to choose from:

      Rewards Credit Cards

      Reward credit cards offer rewards based on the amount spend on the credit card. These rewards can range from fuel bonus’ to reward points for particular schemes associated with the provider. These points can be used to redeem a variety of rewards including merchandise, gift cards and travel rewards.

      Airpoints Credit Cards

      Airpoints credit cards reward you with Airpoints when you spend a certain amount of money. AirPoints are a part of Air New Zealand’s loyalty system. They can be used to purchase flights, rental cars and other travel luxuries.

      Low Rate Credit Cards

      Low Rate credit card cards offer a low interest rate on purchases. This means it is more affordable for businesses that require a longer period of time to pay off their debts. It also gives businesses flexibility if any major expenses arise.

      Low Fee Credit Cards

      Low fee credit cards aim to be more affordable for businesses to access a line of credit. There are typically no (or very small) annual fees for low fee credit cards. This makes it appealing and economical for small businesses.

      Cashback Credit Cards

      Cashback credit cards offer a percentage of your spending to be credited back to your credit card at the end of your cashback year. Your cashback percentage is dependent on amount you spend during this time period.

      What are the features of a business credit card?


      Business credit cards offer different interest rates on purchases and cash advances. These interest rates are a percentage of the amount owing on the card if the amount is not paid in full at the designated time.

      Cashflow Management

      Business credit cards offer tools to help keep track of business expenses, smooth out irregularities in relation to work spending and monitor what areas of business are costing the most money.


      Some business credit cards offer reward bonus’ that can add value to your business. This can be in the form of Airpoints, fuel discounts and a variety of loyalty systems.

      Credit Limit

      A credit limit will be set on your business credit card based on the financial status and credit report of the business applying.

      Additional Cards

      Additional cards may be purchased or applied for dependent on the provider. This allows businesses to give multiple employees access to the same account for work spending purposes.