Sovereign Fixed 24 months special rate Home Loan Go to site

Upfront Fees $0
Monthly Fees -
LVR LVR <= 80%
Advertised Rate 3.79%
Comparison Rate 3.79%
Payment Amount $1,163.47
Total Payment Amount $418,849.44
  • Lending criteria and terms and conditions apply. A minimum 20% equity or an LVR of 80% or less in the security property applies. Early repayment adjustments may apply.
    Representative example: The advertised rate is 3.79%, so if you borrow $250,000 over 30 years you will pay $0 in Upfront Fees and no Monthly Fees. Your monthly repayment amount will be $1,163.47 and you will pay $418,849.44 in total over the life of the mortgage.

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Comparison Calculations

The calculations for Monthly Payment Amount and Annual Comparison rate are based on a principal amount of $250,000 and a term of 30 years. These figures take into account the Advertised Interest Rate, Upfront Fees and any Monthly Fees. We calculate these figures as it gives our users a better way to compare each loan. All figures are indicative for comparison purposes only, they do not constitute a quote. Users who are looking to enter into a mortgage contract should seek an exact quote from a mortgage broker or from the institution directly.